Business Valuation Tool

Our Strategic Business Assessment tool systematically reviews your company’s key business indicators including sales, cash flow, productivity, quality systems, information systems, personnel, business strategies and planning, as well as your insights on what is working versus what is not working. Our tool, developed by MIT, will help you identify the value of your business, the gaps in value, and the potential value when the gaps are addressed.

Based on this information, a MAKE consultant or consultant within our partnership will prepare and deliver a customized set of services to accelerate your business growth.

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What's the value of my business?  How much more could it be worth?

CoreValue’s Discover delivers fast, high-level insights into your company’s operational health and value.

Discover is based on an industry standard framework of 18 Value Drivers, recognized by NIST, economic development counsels and industry groups nationwide.  It takes about 10 minutes  to complete, and delivers an immediate report showing the company's current and potential value.  Discover will identify the top three areas in which to close this value gap, and highlights red flag threats. 

CoreValue’s framework of 18 Value Drivers is based on work begun at MIT.  The industry-accepted framework is used nationally and internationally to unlock billions of dollars of company value.  Relied on by thousands of CEOs from main street to multinationals, CoreValue Discover delivers an efficient, accurate assessment of a company’s value and operational health.  Discover is easy - nothing to prepare, no documentation required. All you need is 15 minutes and your knowledge of the day-to-day operations in your business.  That's it. 

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Unleash the Power of Discover:

  • Know your business value-and what it could be 
  • Understand why there's a gap and what's behind it
  • See how you compare to your peers
  • Uncover any threats to your success


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